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It is a Saudi national institution founded in 1437 AH,  and specialized in electrical, mechanical, electronic and communication technology works, and it has previous governmental and private works in those fields for a period of 5 years, and the institution has obtained a certificate of classification of contractors in those works (electrical, mechanical, electronic and communication technology works) ), And based on the management of the institution an elite of specialized administrative staff and skilled technicians, on top of them the Director General of the company Mr. Hesham Abdo, who follows up the work of the institution at all times and in all locations, and we have also succeeded in attracting trained workers and qualified people, and was able during this short period of So far, the corporation should have a strong start in supplying, installing and maintaining technical, security, mechanical and electronic systems, as the corporation has implemented and is working on many projects with various government agencies in the Kingdom such as the Saudi Customs Authority project (Maintenance of a number of supportive security devices (crushers and furnaces) Burning) and the General Directorate of Prisons project (Maintenance and operation of inspection devices and their accessories, Pal The General Directorate of Prisons and its affiliated branches) and the Royal Navy, a project (Maintenance of hydraulic bumpers and electronic security gates at the King Faisal Naval Base), the Ministry of National Guard, a project (Supplying, installing and operating electronic security gates) and the Saudi Red Crescent Authority project (Maintenance and cleaning of the security system for doors, bumpers and security cameras) The Eastern Region Emirate is a project (Maintenance of X-ray Detectors, , Persons Inspection and Security

Maintenance of X-ray Detectors, Persons Inspection and Security Barriers in the Emirate’s Building) and other governmental and private agencies


We are not working on solving IT problems only, but we are working on planning an integrated strategic roadmap by using our IT services and products to enhance every element of your company’s operations.


We always aim to continue improving and developing our products and services, and providing the highest level of quality, as our engineers work to take advantage of international technologies and maintain the systems and devices that we manage in an optimal manner.