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Surveillance cameras are one of the most important tools used to guard facilities, whether in the work of companies or even homes and shops. The camera guarantees its users to monitor what is happening in their facilities, for which they make decisions to provide the highest levels of protection and insurance.

Surveillance cameras play the role of the “guardian eye” of the owner of the facility, which must be chosen when choosing, and therefore, before purchasing the camera, the reason for its acquisition must be studied, which will make it easier for you to choose the appropriate camera according to your needs.

Then comes the stage of choosing surveillance cameras appropriate to the nature of the facility, and placing them in the appropriate place for them. Some cameras are not suitable for some places, and surveillance cameras may be good, but they are not suitable for the place they are placed in.

So, indoor cameras (in door) are different from surveillance cameras that are used in an outside place.

When buying a camera, you should pay attention to some points, including: –

The picture clarity is at least 420 TVL to ensure video quality.
The image should be colored, and the infrared night photography feature, so you can see at night.
The external surveillance camera must be secured to protect it from external factors. The external camera must have a solid external structure to protect it from sunlight, humidity and all the other factors it is exposed to.
Choosing a specialized company and obtaining a guarantee when purchasing.
Also, you should be careful to know the country of origin of the surveillance camera.
While keeping pace with development, some cameras are equipped with high-tech programs to obtain the highest degree of surveillance, including: –

A program to record files filmed by the camera, in an orderly manner with time and date, making it easy to search for any video very quickly.
MOTION DETECTION support software, which when detecting any change in the image, automatically sends an email to an alert via the Internet.
Protection program PROTECTION WALL to prevent the occurrence of piracy or hacking on the system.
Some cameras also have VIEW ME, through which you can monitor the place through a mobile phone.