Maintenance of a number of support security services (incineration ovens and crushing devices)

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The technical staff is currently working on maintenance and repair work for a number of security services used on a daily basis in customs work (incineration and incineration and crushing and grinding furnaces at different customs ports across the Kingdom) and to maintain their efficiency and avoid and fix their faults as quickly as possible to ensure their continued operation and stay in the best condition and make sure that it is always In good condition, sound, and usable and operating for a period of 24 hours a day, with the provision of a qualified contractor who has the technical manpower with experience and high efficiency and securing all the necessary spare parts for operation and maintenance work first-hand from the same types of original parts for all the components and parts of the devices provided that the work is carried out Maintenance and repair in accordance with specifications, catalogs, and manufacturers ’instructions, and according to the technical principles of the industry to reach the highest levels of service. Crushing and chopping devices: They are devices used to destroy and break banned glass seizures, such as alcohol and others, which do not conform to the specifications as well, such as fraudulent drugs and others. Devices of incineration and destruction ovens: They are incinerators used to incinerate and incinerate toxic or prohibited materials such as drugs, forbidden tablets, forged banknotes, fraudulent medical drugs, organic waste, general waste and others. The method used for the use of incineration and destruction furnaces devices: Ensure that the fuel tank is filled with diesel before operating the incineration oven. Ensure that the water tank is filled and that water continues to flow during operation Remove ashes resulting from previous burning. Not to put any inflammable or explosive materials. Not to load the oven in more quantities than its normal capacity and leave 20 cm empty above the oven. Not to have any materials in front of the stoves and to make sure that there are no substances that impede the movement of smoke between the primary and secondary burning chambers. Typical method for using crushing and chopping devices: Removing the previous waste resulting from the previous destruction process Not to beautify it in large quantities higher than natural for him Not to put any materials that can be used Not to put any materials other than glass Ensure that the fluid drainage path is in good working order